Posted by: Anne | 16/05/2012

Whose Been Eating My Plants?

You go to all the trouble of buying seeds, sowing them in the right compost at the right temperature and give them your love and attention for months and then…..

 Something starts nibbling the leaves.  You can’t see it, but it’s plainly there! 

And sometimes, it’s too late and your beautiful baby plants has been scoffed!

 I have been having this frustration in my large ‘mini greenhouse’! Leaves are going missing and I couldn’t find the culprit.

 Until today!!  There is was a large as life without a care in the world.

 A huge snail, which quickly became a snack for my chickens, Ginger and the 2 Daves.  Along with a few  of its snail friends I found underneath plants pots in the garden.

 The raised beds are fine because I weed and dig using my copper garden tools, which really do keep the slugs and snails away.

 I have heard about putting something copper into the watering can so that the water gets a bit of copper in it and puts the snails off.  I’ll try that and see if it helps.

 As my Mum used to say ‘it’s a jungle out there!’


  1. I hadn’t heard about copper keeping snails away. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I use beer traps to kill the horrid things – though I have heard that they can’t cross petroleum jelly, so smearing it on pots can be helpful.

    On another note, because I have to ask; is Ginger named after the film Chicken Run?!

    • Hi Simon. Thank you for your comment. Beer is great for killing slugs, but the debris in the bottom of the beer trap was stomach churning! I’m sure you’ll agree.

      Yes, Ginger was indeed named after the ‘chicken run’ Ginger. She has unfortunately died, we miss her terribly and the other two just wander around aimlessly now without her direction.

      Kind regards

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