Posted by: Anne | 15/05/2012

I’ve Got chillie Chillies!

The rain has slowed down and we now have gusty winds with a chill attached to them.

I visited a garden centre yesterday and was horrified to see their chilli plants at least 12” high!  Mine are struggling to get to 4”.  I think it must be because mine are cold and have stopped thinking of growing.

Today, I have moved them from the frame on the patio by my house into the small 4’ x 4’ frame on the lawn which contains all my salads.  It was much warmer in there when a stuck my arm in to re-site the chillies. Only because it gets more sun but I’m thinking we all need more sun at the moment!

I’m just hoping that a bit more sun might be all they need to get a spurt on and get growing.


  1. Good luck with your garden. We have been having very cool temps, high winds and rain so all of my plants are still being spoiled in my potting shed. They will be planted the end of May and hopefully the weather will be nicer.

    • Hi Karen.
      Thank you for taking the time to commment. Good luck with your plants too. Lets hope the sun shines soon.
      Kind regards Anne.

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