Posted by: Anne | 01/05/2012

Rain Rain, Go Away…..Come Again Another Day.

Since the hosepipe ban started at the beginning of April, it hasn’t stopped raining!  Making it the wettest April in the UK since records began.

So much is happening at the moment, I hardly know where to start.

Chilli Update.

The chillies need some sunshine I think but are all still alive, all 40 of them.  I am going to start feeding them with a seaweed liquid fertilizer.

My friend mentioned NPK and I hadn’t got a clue what that meant.  Like any mystery, it got ‘googled’!  I’ll talk about that at length next time – standby for that one!

When the roots start to emerge from the bottom of the chilli pots, I will transplant them into what will probably be their home for the season.  I’m going to put the prettiest and strongest into terracotta pots, but probably can’t afford the investment for all of them.

At Wisley Gardens I saw the ‘Joes Long’ chillies growing outside in raised beds.  So I have plans along a similar line for those too.

I love my chilli plants.  I can’t wait to see if they are going to impress me with lots and lots of beautiful colourful hot fruits in the summer.  (That’s if it stops raining of course!)


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  2. Hi Anne..Where is the video you promised ???

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