Posted by: Anne | 03/05/2012

Anne discussing French Beans.

Posted by: Anne | 03/05/2012

Anne discussing companion plants.

Posted by: Anne | 01/05/2012

Introduction to my garden and my dogs

Posted by: Anne | 01/05/2012

My Chickens, Ginger and the Daves!

I have done a short video to introduce our chickens to you!

Introducing our chickens!

Since the hosepipe ban started at the beginning of April, it hasn’t stopped raining!  Making it the wettest April in the UK since records began.

So much is happening at the moment, I hardly know where to start.

Chilli Update.

The chillies need some sunshine I think but are all still alive, all 40 of them.  I am going to start feeding them with a seaweed liquid fertilizer.

My friend mentioned NPK and I hadn’t got a clue what that meant.  Like any mystery, it got ‘googled’!  I’ll talk about that at length next time – standby for that one!

When the roots start to emerge from the bottom of the chilli pots, I will transplant them into what will probably be their home for the season.  I’m going to put the prettiest and strongest into terracotta pots, but probably can’t afford the investment for all of them.

At Wisley Gardens I saw the ‘Joes Long’ chillies growing outside in raised beds.  So I have plans along a similar line for those too.

I love my chilli plants.  I can’t wait to see if they are going to impress me with lots and lots of beautiful colourful hot fruits in the summer.  (That’s if it stops raining of course!)

Posted by: Anne | 01/04/2012

7007 – Thank you very much.

As of today, 7007 people have visited my blog and read it!

Lots have left messages and lots have also ‘liked’ my comments, but I can’t seem to get the ‘liked’ to show on screen, I will try to amend it so that the ‘likes’ do show.

During the month of March, my blog has been visited by gardening folk from 20 different countries.

Not only did I not know what a blog was when I started doing this project, but I am absolutely amazed that people should visit from such varied countries as Japan, USA, Croatia,  India, Ukraine and the UK.

I hope your gardens are all improving with your love and attention. 

Many thanks for your support


Posted by: Anne | 01/04/2012

We mustn’t panic…we mustn’t panic!!!!!!

 I was sick yesterday – proper sick not just feeling it!  And confined to my bed for quarantine purposes.  No visitors past the door no food etc etc….

 I slept for 24 hours which must have done me good, but I turn my back for one day and what happens?  A hard frost, that’s what happened.  What a different story a frame with tender seedlings can tell with no heat inside it.

 The chillies have drooped their little leaves and are looking extremely sorry for themselves.  Time will tell if they have the strength to muster themselves and carry on or give up and die.

 I will be cross with them if they give up after all this love and attention I’ve given them, I was only sick for one day!

 I’m on dry toast and boiled water today hoping to build myself up to normal for tomorrow and I hope that they have the same positive attitude and sort themselves out!

Posted by: Anne | 29/03/2012

Which shoot is which?!

Last week, I’ve sowed a row of carrot and a row of radish.  I did this in the raised bed that I had used the green manure in to improve the soil condition.

The green manure had been dug in as per packet instructions, but some of the shoots have decided to keep growing in this warm weather!

The guys at Access Garden Products have kindly loaned me a newly designed glass cloche.  It is like a baby green house and fits nicely over my new rows of seeds, giving them warmth and security in these early days of germination and growth.

I ventured out this morning to see how they are doing, and I think something is growing in the row, but so is the green manure! It obviously also likes the warmth and security!

I had used plastic domes over the seedlings in my raised bed, but I do like things to look the part and this little frame is very lovely.

I’m hoping he might have forgotten where he put it and let it stay here for a while.

Posted by: Anne | 26/03/2012

The Warm Igloo – update….

I lit 3 tea lights last night as the sky was particularly clear and I anticipated a sharp frost.

At 7am this morning, 10 hours after lighting them, the outside temperature was 1.5 deg C.  Whilst inside the frame it was a very snug 10.5 deg C.

All seedlings have survived to tell the tale and continue to grow.

Posted by: Anne | 25/03/2012

The Warm Igloo.

In the early hours of this morning the U.K. sprang forward into British Summertime.  As an extra bonus, this weekend we have been blessed with the warmest sunniest weekend of the year so far.

My little chilli plants have been making the most of the warmth inside the frame and most now have 4 healthy little leaves.  None are showing signs of illness or dare I mention pests!

To sit outside and feel the sun on my face was a long awaited treat, but as the sun began to fade, there are a distinct chill almost at once.

At 9pm, I ventured back outside and it was proper cold by then, with a most gorgeous crescent moon and starry sky.  I took a few moments to take it all in and then turned my attention back to my ‘little ones’.

The frame inside was actually still quite warm, but I’m taking no chances on losing the seedlings.  They wouldn’t stand a chance against a frost.  I have used my terracotta saucer with a 10 hour tea light sat on, lighted then a terracotta plant pot over the candle to form ‘a warm igloo’ effect.

I’m going to get up early tomorrow and compare the temperature outside to the temperature inside the frame.  By my maths the candle should last until 7am Monday morning, giving the sun a chance to come up and start its warming.

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