Posted by: Anne | 01/04/2012

We mustn’t panic…we mustn’t panic!!!!!!

 I was sick yesterday – proper sick not just feeling it!  And confined to my bed for quarantine purposes.  No visitors past the door no food etc etc….

 I slept for 24 hours which must have done me good, but I turn my back for one day and what happens?  A hard frost, that’s what happened.  What a different story a frame with tender seedlings can tell with no heat inside it.

 The chillies have drooped their little leaves and are looking extremely sorry for themselves.  Time will tell if they have the strength to muster themselves and carry on or give up and die.

 I will be cross with them if they give up after all this love and attention I’ve given them, I was only sick for one day!

 I’m on dry toast and boiled water today hoping to build myself up to normal for tomorrow and I hope that they have the same positive attitude and sort themselves out!


  1. We’ve avoided putting anything outside so far in case there’s a frost. Unfortunately that means there are little plants in pots growing all over the place inside.

    • Hi Tim.
      You are right to avoid putting them out yet, I do know that much! You need to get a frame for your lovely garden. You will have to visit one of the RHS shows to choose one or visit Crick and take a look. You won’t be disappointed. A little frame will sort out storage and frost.
      Happy gardening.

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