Posted by: Anne | 29/03/2012

Which shoot is which?!

Last week, I’ve sowed a row of carrot and a row of radish.  I did this in the raised bed that I had used the green manure in to improve the soil condition.

The green manure had been dug in as per packet instructions, but some of the shoots have decided to keep growing in this warm weather!

The guys at Access Garden Products have kindly loaned me a newly designed glass cloche.  It is like a baby green house and fits nicely over my new rows of seeds, giving them warmth and security in these early days of germination and growth.

I ventured out this morning to see how they are doing, and I think something is growing in the row, but so is the green manure! It obviously also likes the warmth and security!

I had used plastic domes over the seedlings in my raised bed, but I do like things to look the part and this little frame is very lovely.

I’m hoping he might have forgotten where he put it and let it stay here for a while.


  1. I love the cloche. I think it looks like a mini greenhouse. I have a similar problem with sunflower seeds that self-seeded all over my veggie patch this year!

    • Thank you for your comment. With your sunflowers, I would be torn as to whether to pick them out or let them grow. I love Marigolds and quite fancy having them helping themselves to spaces inbetween the lettuces. :o)

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