Posted by: Anne | 20/03/2012

How to De-Stress? Answer – Get into the Garden….

I’ve had a busy week with work and children and had no time to myself. The weather forecast looked promising so today was put aside for me in the garden catching up and calming down!

All the chillies are now potted on and all have lovely orange labels that I purchased from the RHS show at Westminster last time. We have been given some compost tablets, is the only way I can describe them. Its dry compacted compost that expands when watered. We have sat a sunflower seed in the middle of a dozen of them and watered them and ‘hey presto’ little pots of sunflowers in the big frame enjoying some sunshine.

I’m not at all sure about the ‘orange scented thyme’ I sowed a few weeks ago. It looked like dust when I sowed it and now I have lots and lots of leggy little seedlings. So I have just replated them on mass into bigger pots as they look so delicate I didn’t think they’d survive being split up. As my Mum used to say, ‘they have 2 choices’.

The frame looks lovely and I have re-inserted the automatic vents to help keep the frame cooler on a hot day and help the air movement.

I’m happy and chilled now :0) …..

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