Posted by: Anne | 18/03/2012

I’ve joined the RHS!

It was one of those rare occasions when Mark and I had a day off together. He has been feeling under the weather recently so I decided a day out would be nice. Although I have had 2 years worth of visiting the RHS Wisley gardens, and have had a look around, I’ve never spent a whole day there. It took an hour and a half to get there, worth every drop of diesel I can tell you.

We paid to get in and did our usual, don’t bother with the brochure telling you where to go, just wander off aimlessly until you find something interesting.

As anyone who knows me will confirm, I have NO sense of direction. (I can hear my sister in law laughing and nodding at this confession). So it was a bigger surprise to me as anyone that we found the vegetable garden quite quickly. Access Garden Products have some of their frames in the garden and it was a delight to wander around, even though not much was planted. But we marvelled at the colour of the rich black soil that was being prepared for some ‘globe artichokes’ that were being split and re-planted.

We wandered some more and got lots of ideas for growing more raspberries and ideas on planting a whole fruit garden. (My tummy starting to rumble). Things were starting to look expensive when you see all of their ideas that you can put into your own garden.

During lunch I was so enthused that I decided to join and visit Wisley on a regular basis. Wondering to myself why I hadn’t joined a long time ago.

Back at Wisley, I chatted to a lovely lady who questioned why I wanted ‘joint’ membership. Looking at Mark, she said ‘will you come here without her?’ ‘No’ he said, honestly. Looking at me, ‘will you come here without him? ‘Yes, I replied’ ‘Then you join and bring him or anyone one else you want to as a guest!’

So now I am the proud member of the RHS and am planning to visit Wisley and all the other gardens with whoever would like to come with me! So exciting…


  1. Hi Anne. Thanks for posting, I look forward to hearing more of your first year in the world of vegetable growing – good luck with the growing and the blog.

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