Posted by: Anne | 23/02/2012

A little success goes a long way!

If you don’t get your chilli seeds into 27° they won’t do anything.  I have my heated tray and my drying space where the boiler is and between the two, the chillies arose from the compost!

Anne planting on

Then heartbreak, I had sowed two seeds per peat cell in the hope that one would grow, but they all came up!  A friend suggested that I pick out the weaker one to let the other survive.  How could I do that when they had both grown?  It was a tough decision, but I pulled the others out and put them in the compost hoping they will add to my garden in the future as compost.

My friend that helps me to keep on top of the garden came and scrubbed the patio and made a lovely job of it.  So now with a bit of sunshine and the feeling that spring is truly just around the corner, I am inspired to sow some more seeds and diversify from just chillies.

Access Garden Products have a propagator that plugs in and sits on the window sill with 7 little trays to enable me to sow lots of smaller amounts that will help me to stagger the production of plants so they are not all ready at the same time.   Price £39.25

So today I have sown, ‘pot marigolds’ – beautiful orange flowers, good for attracting the insects but good also apparently for colouring cakes and custards!!

Orange scented thyme – purchased at Chelsea Flower Show last year from Jekka McVicars stand. This looked like I was sowing dust!  I have plenty of dust, I really don’t need to grow anymore!

Chinese Lanterns, I like these little orange things, they look lovely picked and pushed onto a fairy light as a decoration!

And some spring onions – red ones called ‘Apache’


  1. Anne my lovely, you need to change your title. Your first year is long behind you!! You have been keeping me entertained for at least 3 years now.
    Glad to see you are back x


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