Posted by: Anne | 21/07/2011

The trouble with chillies!

 I tried to grow chillies last year, with some success until the quick snap of freezing weather caught me out and I lost them all.

 Note to self – Use warmth in the frame – like I tell everyone that visits the shows!

 So I have grown some chillies this year from seed, and bought some baby plants, and last week I bought a large chilli from Sainsburys from their living herb section.

 My Brother in law Andy is, in my opinion a very well respected and accomplished gardener.  I look upon him with admiration at his experience and superior knowledge to mine.

 He visited last weekend and I seized the time to ask him to look at my tomatoes and chillies!

 The advice I had been given last year was to keep my chilli plants restricted in smaller pots as they don’t like to be in big pots.  But I’m thinking I had taken that advice too much to heart. 

 Andy said that his chilli plants were in much bigger pots than mine and doing well. 

 So I have re-potted them.  He also said he sits the pots on sand and doesn’t over water them.  So I have put mine into 4’ X 4’ frame on top of the soil.

 They do look happy and I have picked some red fierce chillies this morning.

 Lesson learnt – I really don’t know, but listen to the people you know who know more than you.

 The really lovely thing Andy did say is that he also makes lots of mistakes and no-one is perfect!  That’s alright then!

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