Posted by: Anne | 20/05/2011

My 4’ X 4’ Raised herb bed.

 The raised bed nearest the house was used for onion sets last year.  But I felt that these beds could be a thing of beauty as well as functional. 

 I spent some time looking at herb garden ideas at Chelsea Flower Show last year and Harrogate show this year, and wanted to make a herb bed, but without spending a fortune on plants.

 I had looked at the ornate patterned ideas, but I’m not really an ornate sort of person.  More the ‘that looks nice lets have a go’ person!

 Last Autumn I planted in a 1’ by 4’ strip a bad of red onion sets.  This was before I had properly decided what to do with the bed.

 Then I dug up some chives from the other raised bed, split them and made a row of chives on one side.  THEN! Big surprise, some potatoes started to grow in a square foot that I had used for potatoes last year!  I haven’t the heart to dig them up, they might be fantastic this year, can you see that by now I have no hope of a pattern here!

 So I went to the garden centre to see what was on offer, bearing in mind what herbs I want to use for cooking and what look nice and what will attract bees etc.

 So here it is, costing me £30 so far.  A mish mash of colour, smells, textures and hap hazardness that suits me!

 Top row left to right red onion.

Down left side chives in flower, right side new chives, different variety, still to flower.

Centre a purple herb given to me by a friend, thank you Bob! The name will need to be googled for you.

Front row red rambling thyme.

Behind the thyme is lavender Munster and a variegated thyme. Also in the middle, common thyme and a small Rosemary.

I can see that this relaxed attitude might annoy some gardeners.  Please try to resist getting angry with me.  I’m enjoying my relaxed no stress stance this year.  I’m just glad to be out there pottering and admiring the small wonders in my garden.

I want it to evolve and change, but am really excited at how lovely it looks, in its own way.


  1. Hi Anne – it’s good to find another have-a-go vegetable gardener. Your herb bed sounds delicious and I bet it smells wonderful too.

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