Posted by: Anne | 19/05/2011

Annes five minute gardening!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is juggling several fast spinning balls in the air during my day!  Life at the moment seems to be rushing by, but I know I need to get in my garden to de-stress, relax, smell the roses etc.

But when?  That is my problem.  I’ve watched  ‘Jamie Olivers 30 minute meals’ programme.  I know he grows his own vegetables, but this programme showed how to cook good meals in minutes without compromising on taste, when time is short.

I thought my raised beds that are right outside my dining room and kitchen are in the perfect site for me to run out and pick something for dinner.  So I have tried to adopt the ‘I have five minutes to spare’ mentality and do a little bit of gardening in a spare moment of the day.

That includes not worrying about sowing seeds, when the garden centres and shops have plants ready to plant!  I was given a couple of trays of ‘living salad’ from Sainsburys and I have planted them in the 4′ X 4′ raised bed with a frame on top and have literally run out with my bread and butter and ham and cut some leaves and put them straight into my sandwich!  You can’t get fresher than that!

Also, my strawberries that I planted during my first year of using the raised beds and already supplied the most fantastic amount of huge red strawberries.  I hope I never get sick and tired of running out to the frame and eating huge ripe strawberries straight from the frame.  How fortunate am I?

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