Posted by: Anne | 27/08/2010

A Hopping Chicken!

We have 6 chickens – all girls! One of them is the brains of the operation and we called her ‘Ginger’. The others seem to have very little brains and are all called ‘Dave’.

Katie witnessed one of the Daves jumping from the roof of the hen house, which isn’t very far from the ground. Then immediately started to hop! Keeping one leg firmly tucked into her feathery under carriage!

Katie came rushing in asking me to come and look as she was worried about it.

There was a dilemma. Should I take this chicken to the vet and would the shock of the experience kill her or the bill kill me! Is the experience of jumping off the hen house and hopping going to kill her? Is she in pain, and do I need to do something about her? Decisions, decisions.

I didn’t want to over react if she was just resting her leg and would be fine again, nor did I want her to be suffering.

Judging how the other Dave had been when all her feathers dropped out, this Dave seemed very happy to be hopping. The other Dave looked very sorry for herself – featherless. This Dave uses her wing to balance and can get about and eat as normal.

So we have left her to hop, keeping a close eye on her. I spoke to my friend that I bought the chickens from who assured me that if a chicken feels ill or is in pain, they tend to drop dead! And that her leg should mend itself in time and with rest.

Have you ever tried to make a chicken rest? I couldn’t even begin to think how this should be done. They seem to have a pretty cushy life already in my opinion.

Well the good news is that after about 10 days, Dave is now walking on both legs with a gentle limp. As if she has had a couple too many if you know what I mean?!

So she lives to lay another day and is still enjoying her life in Crick.


  1. Hi Anne,

    You don’t “Make” a Chicken rest, you make a Chicken Curry!

    It is Sunday are you going to call?

    Love to you all, Simon

    • You make me laugh, so funny! I don’t know if I could eat them now they are a part of the family! Will call you now! Thanks for the comment, I love to hear from you. Anne xx

  2. hi Anne, enjoyed your blog- found from a link in copper tools. Thinking of buying a hand trowel to start with as they seem to be such a fantastic tool- a eureka moment!

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