Posted by: Anne | 12/08/2010


When I get motivated, I can move a mountain.  I feel so confident in my ability that I won’t let anyone put me down or listen to that voice in my head that tells me what I want to achieve is impossible.

Do you ever feel like that?

Sometimes dreams get shelved whilst other things take priority.  My garden has been a bit like this during July and August.  I loved having to spend time sowing and tending to my little plants.

Recently, whilst watering and keeping everything in check has taken time, it’s not been the same.

I have become less motivated whilst waiting for things to grow and ripen.

Today however, we took delivery of a new frame that I am going to grown next years strawberries in.

The success of the strawberries has motivated me to give them top priority.  I have the most beautiful ‘ivory heritage colour ’ frame 8’ x 4’ on a 3 tier raised bed from Access Garden Products.  I have filled it with compost and manure and top soil all mixed together to help them get their feet into some ‘good stuff’ to help them on their way.

I am going to plant 3 varieties of strawberry, early, main and late crop.

Now I’m motivated to get things looking nice, I felt the urge to change all the beds in the house, throw out old paperwork no longer needed and have a general tidy up!  Blimey… time to have a sit down and a cup of tea!

It’s amazing how our attitude can change with a little positive thinking.  I find, whenever I give myself ‘a check up from the neck up’ I feel better inside!


  1. OK,
    Anne how are the Chillies?
    Are you “Stressing” them?
    To get maximum flavor and heat (the two are connected!) the chili needs to be stressed, by this I mean that its environment needs to cause the plant stress. So over water then under water, then water properly for a couple of weeks then under water then over water. I am sure that you get the idea.
    The hotter the Chili the greater the fruit flavor. The body (ie your body) will soon get used to the heat and then you can really enjoy the fruit flavor.

    Great to read your blog.
    Your turn to call me next Sunday,


  2. Hi Simon. Thank you for that advice. It sounds like a tough regime, but I’ll give it a go.

    Keep reading, I’m torturing tomatoes next week!!

    Found some fantastic pickle recipes for chillis and tomatoes with someones Christmas hamper in mind.

    Lots of love and see you soon. Anne. x

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