Posted by: Anne | 17/07/2010

HOT HOT Hampton Court!

What a week to pick for Hampton Court Flower Show.  The weather just got hotter and hotter.

I had taken sun dresses and lots of sun cream just in case the forecast was correct, but you never know do you?

The Access Garden Products stand was the nicest I have ever seen.  They received a special award from the RHS in recognition of this.

As ever, I arrived very early, wanting to miss the traffic and not panic about getting lost.  So I had time to water the plants on the stand, and go for a look round before the crowds arrived.

Within minutes I had bought a ‘basil mint’ plant.  I had seen the same variety when visiting some open gardens a few weeks ago.  I fancied this mint as it sounded so tasty.  It did set me back £6.00!  But I thought, ‘well this is Hampton Court’ so you have to expect to pay more.

The days were lovely, meeting lots of fellow gardeners.  A lovely lady called Charlotte ordered the 4’ frame on a raised bed after me telling her that I run out in my dressing gown in the morning to pick the strawberries for breakfast.  She promised to keep in touch over the blog, so I look forward to hearing from you Charlotte.

The sun got hotter and hotter with very little shade on the stand, by Friday afternoon I was feeling worse for wear.  I kept complaining to my colleague on the stand that I wasn’t designed for this weather, I like cooler conditions.  We drank lots of ‘Earl Gray’ tea which seemed to hit the spot much better than ice cream.

I also purchased an old metal watering can that had a brass rose attached that had been polished.  Just as well, because it would not have entered my head that I had to polish it!  But I had always wanted one.  And I will remember the hot days at Hampton when I use it.

The next day, we bumped into Jane – who owns the Copper Tool company   It was so lovely, as I wasn’t expecting to see her.  I threw my arms around her, so pleased to see her, she greeted me saying ‘it’s Annes garden blog’!

She showed me her stand and explained a tool that her customers had been raving about.  It is called a ‘Nunki weeder’ I keep wanting to call it a ‘nookie weeder’ but knew that didn’t sound right!  Well I had to have one.  The complete absence of slug damage in my garden is enough to make me realise that there is something to this copper tool theory.  My garden has always been over run with slugs and snails. This weeder is a sharp curved bronze blade with a beech handle.  You simply ‘scuffle’ the blade through the ground in between the plants to remove the weeds.

My colleague also bought the same tool as he had been given some plants  that all got eaten by the slimy creatures.  So we will see what results he gets.  Fingers crossed.

There is so much to see at Hampton, I took a picture of strawberries being displayed in an easy to pick way.  Reminded me of my raised beds and how easy they have been to grow and pick from.

I also found a huge display of Sunflowers.  I initially thought they had always been there and the show had been erected around them, but no, they were there for show!  Just beautiful.

I could chat for hours about Hampton, if you have never been, make it a plan next year to go.  If the weather is like this year, it will be just lovely.

Lots of problems with the plants when I got home…You leave them unattended for a few days and they go mad!  I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

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