Posted by: Anne | 07/07/2010

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show.

The weather forecast sounds ok so I’ve packed my sun dresses and rain coat!

Hampton Court is a lovely show as you can buy plants there.  I want to visit Jekka McVicar who specialises in herbs.  I want to change my first 4′ by 4′ raised bed into a herb bed in a pattern that I can trim and grow.  She is the person to speak to I think.

Apparently our stand is opposite a vegetable growing stand so I will be spending lots of time darting from stand to stand picking up top tips inbetween chatting to gardeners looking at the frames and mini greenhouses.

If you are visiting the show, please come and say hi.


  1. Hi! I went on Wedsnesday with my Mum & it was great. I popped in for a chat with the Access guys & got some great ideas. There were so many great stands & gardens that there are too many to mention! However, I have invested in the nematodes (nemasys) to control both slugs/snails and protect my Grow your own. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Hello! Glad you went, sorry I missed you. Keep in touch and happy gardening. Anne. x

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