Posted by: Anne | 01/07/2010

My new daily routine.

When I wake up – after my spine tingling drink of Aloe and then a cup of tea, I have a new routine.

I told the kids – first come first served with the strawberries.  If they are red and ready – pick them and eat them.  So now I pull of my dressing gown and get outside as quickly as possible to get a big handful of the little beauties before the kids beat me to it… Lovely start to the day.

Then last night after work, I came home started to grill some halloumi cheese to put in pitta bread for tea – then wandered around my raised beds picking peas, sugar snap peas, herbs and the tiny little courgette still with their flower.  Cooked them in a pan with a tiny knob of butter and popped them in my pitta with my lovely squeaky cheese.  Lovely.  I love this time of year.

I’m not taking this feeling for granted, it feels great to go and pick my own dinner and eat it as fresh as it could possibly be. Fantastic.


  1. Hi Anne,

    You’re not kidding about this pick it and eat it malarky! I was so excited as I’d picked enough strawberries and raspberries off my plot for two with a dollop of cream and enjoyed them with my mum-in-law. They were incredibly flavoursome. I just have to be patient now while they grow some more.

    Also made a big salad with assorted leaves, some of my thinnings – delish!

    I may not be growing a large variety of stuff, but I’m just so chuffed to grow what I’ve got. Potatoes are still in flower, so I guess they’re not ready yet. The onions and garlic are progressing well and there’s a handful of beetroot and a lone cucumber!

    So plenty more to come!

    Happy gardening,
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Kate. Lovely to hear from you.

      So pleased to hear your success. Sounds delish. What a good job done so far. Have you had thoughts for the next crop and next season? I’m starting to think about it and look through catalogues.

      Thanks so much for keeping in contact. It makes my day to hear from folk and then I know I’m not just talking to myself!
      Warm regards Anne. x

  2. Hi Anne
    Just catching up with the blog. I love it! When do you go to Hampton Court?

    • Hi Sadie. I am getting ready to go. I’m there Thursday to Saturday. The weather sounds like it will be good so sun dresses are at the ready!! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I have some garlic for you when I see you. We will all have to eat it so we can still be friends!! Lots of love and see you soon. Anne. x x

  3. That’s exactly why I grow fruit and veg….to pick and eat as fresh as possible and it gets the kids involved too. My peas and strawberries never make it to the kitchen! We eat them in the veggie garden! Love it!

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