Posted by: Anne | 19/04/2010

Sunshine – feeling fine!

I just love being British!  As soon as the sun comes out, we’re out there in it!  Sitting in it and barbequing in it, just in case it doesn’t last long.

The garden is paying back our efforts ten fold, looking so lovely.  My peonie which I mentioned purchasing at considerable cost is in bud!  Apparently it’s a tree peonie..maybe that’s what bumped up the price!

The seedlings have all started to sprout!  My confidence took a huge leap when I saw their little green leaves start to appear.

I have also sown runner beans and Amelia sowed sweet corn at the weekend.  I took the dogs for a walk and met a fellow gardener en route who had just returned from his allotment.  He opened the boot of this car which looked like a mini garden shed!  Insisting I took 3 seed potatoes he didn’t have room for and 3 giant pumpkin seeds.  ‘What am I going to do with 3 giants seeds’ I asked, ‘share them with someone else’ he said!  Do you want one?!

So off I walked, with my mobile, i pod, dog bags – they don’t need anymore description than that! And 3 seed potatoes in my pockets.  If I had fallen in the canal (which I have on a previous dog walk) I would have sunk like a stone!

The raised beds are looking truly lovely and I’m so pleased to have them.  I am going to copy an idea out of my square foot gardening book when my red onions have finished growing and make a patterned herb bed in the small 4ft X 4ft bed.  I think it would look very ornate and practical too what with all the herbs I like to include in casseroles and salads. 

Chelsea Flower Show is just over a month away now.  It will be lovely to see the gardens there and get some ideas to take home and try out.  It has to be my favourite show because it feels like a beautiful ‘parallel’ universe in the middle of London, everyone gets dressed up for the occasion.  There’s no other place like it.  If you haven’t been, you must put it on your list of things to do – then come and say hi at the Access Garden Products stand.


  1. Surely my boot was not that bad? Mind you, if you look in it next time you pass you will see I now have some seedlings sitting in there amonst the tools and boxes. I have not turned it into a greenhouse now but it was too cold to plant them when I took them to the allotment!

    • Hi Greg! Thank you for your comment. You know what you need don’t you? A lovely mini greenhouse supplied by a company IN CRICK would be perfect for those seedlings. Much better than your boot! Thank you for the seed potatoes and giant pumkin seeds. See you soon. Anne.

  2. Giant pumkin seeds ??? They sound interesting !!
    Also, talking of seed potatoes, I’m VERY excited to say i have evidence of life in my raised bed !! whoopee !
    I have 3 of my Rocket potatoes poking thru’ & also my shallots & garlic are making an appearance !!
    Such a wonderful feeling when you can actually see something happening !

    I’m planning a purchase from Access next week….a couple of shelves to add to my cold frame. Just adding to it a bit at a time.

    My plan is to put my newly re- potted beans & peppers & sunflowers in my frame so as to clear my kitchen window sill for my next batch of seeds in trays…. watch this space. I’m also planning on starting my mushroom growing kit at the weekend , so I’ll let you know how i get on.

    Great blogg Anne, keep it up , its truly a great read !! It’s lovely to read peoples comments so come on all you gardeners it’d be great to hear from you !!
    I’m extreemly new to all this & would love some top tips, no matter how trivial you think they maybe, they’ll be gold dust to us beginners !!!!

    catch up soon, Sue. 🙂

    • Hi there Mrs. Lovely to hear from you and fantastic that you are seeing some activity in your raised bed! Iwill save you a giant pumkin seed, shall we have a competition to see who can grow the biggest one!!

      So pleased to hear you are adding to your frame. That’s what is so lovely about Access Garden Products, you can add onto the frames a bit at a time. I want to get an automatic vent for my frame. That will save me worrying that it will get too hot whilst I’m out at work.

      See you soon. Anne. x

  3. Just really love you guys… what fantastic and well researched information. Thank you bunches.

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