Posted by: Anne | 14/04/2010

Help the Bees…

I have just heard on the BBC radio 2 news that bee hives are now exhausted of honey due to the long cold winter.  We have been asked not to mow our lawns yet and especially not to cut down or remove Dandelions as they are a sourse of nectar to the bees at this time of year.

Have any of you planted a bed a wild flowers to help our bee population?

I look forward to your comments…


  1. Oops, too late, I did my first mow of the year two weeks ago, and then last week I scarified the lawn as well. But if I see any dandelions growing in my borders with all the weeds (is this classed as a wild flower area?) I will try and leave them intact.

    • Hi Tess. Our lawn has been mowed too. But I think I might ask the mower of this house to leave a patch of lawn to grow and sprinkle some wild flower seeds in it too. The Coop are launching ‘Plan Bee’ and is giving away wild flower seeds to grow. I’ll find out more and get back to you on that one. But knowing dandelion plants, there will be another growing along with a friend very soon. What with no bees or planes flying due to the volcano, it’s very quiet in the skies.

      Keep in touch, cover over your potatoes tonight, it’s going to be frosty.

      Anne. x

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