Posted by: Anne | 12/04/2010

Excuse me, do you work here?

My kids sometimes don’t come out with me anymore as I will talk to anyone.

I’ve developed a hobby now that entails visiting garden centres that sell ready to plant veg to compare how my young seedlings are doing.

At our local garden centre the other day, I was comparing my little baby leek seedlings to their more shall we say substantial ones.  Near to me was, I thought a gentle man that worked there.  So I approached him and asked if he could help me for a moment.

He looked startled at me and exclaimed that he too was a customer!  ‘Oh, I’m sorry, but any way do you know anything about growing veg?’  I asked.

‘Yes I do’ he answered. 

‘Well you’ll do then, my leeks don’t look as good as these.  What do you think, have I gone wrong, or am I panicking too early?’

He gave me one of those knowing it all smiles and kindly explained that I really shouldn’t panic early and my leeks will be fine.  They just need some more time to thicken up.

He was so kind and asked if I needed anymore help. 

I thanked him and allowed him to carry on with his own shopping.  Poor guy, I think I scared him to death!

Anyway, the good news is, I have little purple sprouts coming in my beet root square foot, and tiny baby leaves coming in my carrot square foot.  Phew…

My sunflower seeds are beginning to sprout, as are my next batch of globe artichokes.  One step at a time…

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