Posted by: Anne | 09/04/2010

I want instant results!

This is one of my worst failings!  Now that the sun is shining, the mini greenhouses are as warm as toast and I’ve trays and trays of seeds in compost and vermiculite – I want to see them sprouting.  This is a good lesson in life for me.  Some things take time and they are worth waiting for.  So be patient!

I took the girls out for lunch yesterday and pottered about in the garden before we left.  Because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the garden felt so warm, I removed the polythene cover from the raised bed containing my globe artichokes.  I felt confident that they would survive while we were out.  I think these guys need toughening up a little, therefore a little breeze about their leaves will help to strengthen their roots. 

But I found myself looking at the squares where I have also sown carrots, beet root and spring onions – thinking ‘have I sowed them too deep?  Maybe the seeds are duff and I need to get some more!!  Calm down, a voice in my head said.  Give it time….

Is it me, or do you feel like that sometimes?  So we are having a day at home today.  I have to remind myself that I do actually have a huge garden, not just 4 raised beds that I tend to concentrate on.  So for today, I am removing an infestation of daisy weeds that are looking very happy in the area where my Dad’s prize Hostas grow.  I am going to attempt to split the Hostas too and move them around the garden to fill the boarders and save money.  I saw how to do this on ‘Gardeners World’.  It’s just a case of pushing your spade through the clump of new shoots and gently pulling the pieces apart.  Then planting them and water in well where you want them to go.  They love a shady spot, but the slugs love them, therefore I’m doing all the digging with my copper spade.  I have to say, so far, I haven’t seen any slug damage in my garden.  Is this a coincidence?  We’ll see. 

Other jobs for today is re-pot my tomato and chilli seedlings that are getting stronger.

Have a good day.


  1. Hi Anne! I have the same ‘when are you going to grow’ problem! Having said that, the sweet peas I’d given up on have finally sprouted! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for two of my Acer trees though which are looking like they didn’t make it through winter.
    Happy gardening! Top tip – if you think it’s dead – wait for 2 weeks and then you may be happily surprised (at least that’s what they said on Gardener’s World!)

    • Hi Janice, thank you for your response. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels like this! I saw that top tip on Gardeners World too. I have a plant I bought at Malvern spring show last year. I can’t remember what it is called but the variety is ‘hot lips’ and it made lots of growth and masses of flowers. Then I cut it back at the start of March, and I thought I had killed it. But I scratched a bit of the bark and its green underneath! Phew…

      I hope you are well. Keep in touch.

      Anne. x

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