Posted by: Anne | 23/03/2010

Enjoying my own company and bacon sandwiches.

 I’ve been by myself all day.  I have found a lovely café called ‘Fat Birds.’ It’s a really friendly place to enjoy a coffee.  Today, whilst there, I had the best bacon sandwich I have ever tasted!  It was lovely to sit in the window and watch the world go by for a short while whilst I thought of the things I had to do when I got home.

I think you have to enjoy your own company to enjoy gardening.  It’s a special time of day when you can leave your other worries behind and let your mind lose itself in fresh air and pottering about.

I called into blooms on the way home to buy some more seeds that I fancy growing.  So now I have;

  • Melon ‘sweet heart’.  My friend Sue who recently bought her own Access Garden Frame and raised bed has a gardening neighbour who is very experienced.  He recommended that she and therefore I grow melons in our frame.  He almost guaranteed their success.  He thought the mini greenhouse was the perfect place for melons to grow.
  • Beetroot ‘f1 Kestrel’ – which apparently will have tender and sweet baby roots. 
  • Dwarf Bean ‘Tendergreen’ – early maturing, stringless pods.
  • Sugarsnap pea – Sugar Anne – well I had to pick that one! A heavy crop of sweet succulent pods.
  • Sunflower ‘Irish Eyes’.  I plan to fill the bed in front of my kitchen window with these dwarf flowers for a lovely summer show.

So now I’m home, had a big mug of tea and ready to start sowing some of these little beauties into trays.

The sun isn’t shining, but I don’t care.  It’s been a lovely day.

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