Posted by: Anne | 21/03/2010

Garlic and onion sets – progress report.

It’s been all hands on deck and work this week and I feel like I’ve been living there more than at home.  Working nights has been a new experience for me.  Not something I’d like to make a habit of though.

Having said that, I’ve been loving popping out to check the progress of my seedlings in the raised beds, when I can’t get to sleep in the day.

Having only sowed the Leeks on the 17th, today I’m delighted to see them pocking through the vermiculite. 

The tomato seedlings I transplanted last week have survived and are sending out new leaves.

But what has thrilled me the most are the onion and garlic sets I planted at the very start of this project back in October.  The garlic must be grateful for this spring sunshine as its growth is amazing.  They look about 4” bigger than last week.  The cabbage and kale plants have also put on lots of new leaves.

I will take some photos of them tomorrow to show you.  I had a couple of sherries when I got home today after work and then fell asleep.  Darkness had fallen before I remembered I wanted to take some photos!  It’s been that kind of day today.

I hope you are all having good news with your seedlings and garlic sets.

This week I’m turning my attention to the ‘chitting’ potatoes which have not been eaten by the dogs and have lots of purple shoots.

Please let me know if any of you have already planted yours and where and how deep and which type you chose.


  1. Good news from Sue.

    She has filled her raised beds with top soil and has her Access Garden Frame on top of the bed all ready to plant.

    How exciting.

    Can’t wait to have a cup of tea with her and see it in place.

  2. I finally got round to checking my Access Garden Frame yesterday – the Garlic and Onions are doing well, have put the rest of the onions in as they were sprouting in the bag! Put some horseradish in too – hoping for better than last year from that. Great to have spring in the air, watching out for the frost tonight!

  3. Thank you for your response. I lol when I saw that you left some onions in the bag. I went to get my packets of seeds out of the bag and was shocked to find onion sets sprouting in the bottom – that I had forgotten about.

    I quickly put them in my Access Garden Frame and they have all grown.

    Never done horseradish. I remember helping my brother to prepare fresh horseradish as kids with tears rolling down our faces from the fumes.

    Good luck with that.

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