Posted by: Anne | 12/03/2010

Lemon Cake – Impress your Mum on Mothers Day.

 This is the easiest and most delicious cake I have ever made.  I have given them as presents when they are still warm and then it tastes like lemon pancakes!

 Oven temp 180°C

1 round cake tin with a greased proof paper insert in it. (You can get them from Lakeland on line).

 Weigh 3 eggs – usually equated to about 7oz

Then weigh the same amount that your eggs weighed of

white sugar i.e. 7oz

Self raising flour

Margarine (Stork)

(in other words, your eggs, flour, sugar and marg should all weigh the same)

2 lemons

1 tsp baking powder.

 Put all the ingredients into your food mixer.  Remove the lemon rind with a grater and add that to the mixture.

 Place the cake mixture into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour.

 Juice the lemons and add as much sugar as you fancy to the juice. Start with 2 table spoons and see if that’s enough for your taste.

 As soon as you remove the cake from the oven carefully pour over the lemon and sugar juice.  It will steam and make a sizzle noise – it’s ok, it will.

 The juice soaks into the cake and the sugar goes all crispy on top.

 That’s it – the secret cake recipe is out!! 

 For some, Mothers Day isn’t an easy day.  When your Mum is no longer in your life it can be a sad day when you can cope all the other days of the year, but on this day, you miss your Mum. 

 Try to turn it to a positive and remember the lovely times you had together.  I love to have a sherry whilst making a cake, my Mum and I loved to bake together and she would always finish my Sherry before I had a chance to!

 When ever I have a sherry now, I always finish it by raising the glass to my lovely Mum and remember with gratitude how lucky I was to have such a special lady who loved me.


  1. Hi Anne, i have to say the lemon cake recipe sounds delicious & incredibly easy !!
    I just want to send an enormous thank you to you & Mark for giving up your time yesterday. Mark spent time, out in the cold, putting my raised bed in place & finishing off the cold frame by putting glass in it for me ! i just need to organise my top soil delivery now & i can catch up with you by ‘warming up my bed !’ Mark also sited my new compost bin ( purchased from the council) so I’m excited to start filling that now !!
    my bi color beans are growing fantastically well in their seed trays, sat on my kitchen window sill. they’re being closely followed by the peas !!
    Its incredibly exciting seeing the beginnings of life in seeds we planted a few weekends ago, & just by adding them to a bit of compost & a spot of regular watering !!! cant wait to actually get out in the garden & get my ‘chitting potatoes ‘ in the ground & watch them grow !! Thanks for the snow drops by the way, great to have them to look out on from my kitchen window !

    • You’re welcome.

      Very exciting to see your frame sloted on top of your raised bed with the extra open space at the end.

      Such a lovely time we will have growing and eating the fruits of our labour!

      See you soon I hope.

      Anne. xx

  2. Hi Anne, just had to say I’ve just made a delicious variation of your scrummy cake. Exchange lemons for oranges, and don’t add any sugar to the orange juice, just drizzle it neat on the hot cake. Then melt about 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and pour over.
    Also, I did it in a loaf tin which makes the slices nice and square.

    • Karen, that sounds fantastic! I’ll make one too.

      Thank you for sharing it with me and every other cake loving person!

      Take care.

      Anne. x

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