Posted by: Anne | 01/03/2010

No point crying over spilt milk or missing potatoes

Every morning I walk through to the kitchen sleepy eyed and open the blind and check out my chitting potatoes.  I had put them on a low table by the patio door.  It’s nice and light there, not too hot and as we aren’t opening the doors at the moment, so they aren’t in the way.  Did I expect they would get eaten?  No!

 Well, this morning I followed my usual routine, but needed to take a double look and rub my eyes and look again.  Some of the potatoes have gone missing……I must have looked strange as the kids started to emerge from their beds and ask what was I looking for as I searched under the table and chairs….’my potatoes’ I answered.  As if they had grown legs and done a runner.

 They were coming along lovely with little purple shoots.  I can only assume that one of the dogs has eaten them!

 Back to square one and a return trip to Ryton Organic Gardens for me to replace my missing spuds.  So the remainder are now back on the kitchen window sill having survived their ordeal. 

 I obviously wasn’t thinking of the right type of predator when I was considering slugs, snails and other insects.  I should have looked at my beautiful innocent looking pooches instead!

 I hope you are having more luck than me with your potatoes.  Upwards and onwards.  As my Nan used to say, ‘there’s no point crying over spilt milk’.

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