Posted by: Anne | 28/02/2010

Spring Cleaning my Mini-greenhouse and the Price of Veg!

Once you have three children, two dogs and numerous chickens, any hopes of having a clean and tidy house are long forgotten.

I used to have an immaculate house – pre-children, but I’d rather have the kids and a messy family home. But that apparently is no excuse for not spring cleaning my mini greenhouse and getting rid of any bugs and bacteria that might curtail my success with my salad and vegetables.  We have to clean the mini greenhouse, cold frames, potting trays and plant pots to ensure happy healthy plants.

I have purchased some ‘jeyes fluid’ because I remember my Dad using it (and I love the smell).  It’s a really good disinfectant for use in the garden.  Follow the instructions and get ready for the spring.

Out shopping today, I was shocked at how much the fruit and veg is costing at the moment.

Cauliflower £1.45, cucumber £1.20 pineapple £1.79.  Now I’m not going to grow pineapple, but it just goes to show that by sowing a few packets in the spring, money will be saved later in the year.  And you know where its come from and what hasn’t been sprayed on it.

I have been told to start collecting toilet roll tubes too.  These are used for growing parsnips in.  I’ll go into more detail when it’s time to start sowing them.  But for now, if you intend to grow parsnips, save your toilet roll tube.

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