Posted by: Anne | 12/02/2010

Copper tools, sowing seeds and weeding.

On a sunny morning we decided to head for Nuneaton to buy our new copper garden tools from Implementations.

We arrived at Nigel and Jane’s house to a warm welcome and were invited into their work room full of tools in the process of being finished.

We enjoyed a coffee together and I chose 2 trowels and a hook that Jane recommended for weeding in my square foot raised beds.

Jane showed me the spades, which I have to say, were truly beautiful.  For what I think is the first time in 29 years, Mark bought me a Valentine present and bought the spade.  No excuse now!  Slugs and snails – be very afraid.  I’m on your case!

Impatient to try them I went outside in the cold and weeded by raised bed with the Access frame on top.  It was so warm inside it I decided to get some lettuce and globe artichoke seeds planted because I’m sure they will be off to a flying start next month.  They are inside my boiler room at the moment to get ‘thrutching’  as my Grand dad called it.

Jane told me that she has people standing in front of her at shows with their arms crossed not agreeing about the use of copper tools.  But to me it’s all about enjoying the moment, being out in the fresh air, using beautiful hand crafted tools that make weeding a pleasure and just having a go.  Time will tell if my tools deter slugs, but do you know what?  I have met two lovely people today that I wouldn’t have if I had not said ‘yes’ to trying to grow some vegetables and trying something new.  I really wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for when Matthew asked me to do this, and I still feel like that, but it’s been fun so far.

There’s a lesson there – try something new – you might like it and make some new friends along the way!


  1. We enjoyed meeting you too, Anne. I love reading your blog, and wish you all success with your novice garden venture this year.

    • Thank you Jane. Lovely to hear from you. Do you like the picture of Nigel? I hope you too have lots of new customers this year and hope to catch up with you at Hampton Court, if not before.

      Warm regards
      Anne. x

  2. You’ll probably get fed up with me quoting from this book, but I’m really enjoying reading Nigel Slater’s ‘Tender’. There is a section where he talks about his gardening tools and the importance of looking after them. He says it matters that something feels good in the hand and does the job well. Then he says “Yes, my copper spade and Japanese pruning sheers costs a bob or two but, like a decent kitchen knife, they make each job all the more pleasurable.” So there you have it, obviously another convert to copper tools.

  3. Hi Tess.

    Nigel Slater must be as pleased with his copper garden tools as I am with mine. The spade cuts through the earth like butter. It feels so comfortable for me when digging. In the past, I’ve hurt my back when digging – but not so far with my copper spade.

    Keep reading and giving us all your top tips to help us with our gardens. Good luck with yours and we will organise a gardening party to help get the heavy work done for you.

    Anne. xx

  4. I use the Sirius Hoe which is a beautiful tool supplied by Implementations. The head is bronze (not copper) but the whole tool is so well balanced and effective and a delight to use.
    My son has the Tuza Mattock which he uses to break up his clay soil and he is equally pleased with his acquisition.
    I first saw the range at the Hampton Court Flower Show last year and was intrigued at the time and subsequently made a purchase and have been pleased ever since!

    • Hi Graham.
      I agree with you, if you are going to part with hard earned money for a garden tool, then it might as well be a beautiful hand crafted get of slugs and snails kind of tool! Thank you very much for sharing this information. I will look up the ones you own and make a note for my next purchase.


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