Posted by: Anne | 01/12/2009

The First Frost

Today was our first frost of this autumn.  It was minus 2 when I went out to work.  The chickens were huddled together for warmth in their coup.  I hope it doesn’t affect their egg production.  Or it will be the laying chart for them like Mrs Tweedy from Chicken Run.  I make a mean chicken pie!  Only joking.

The frame looked snug and warm.  The raised bed with the net over has also survived all the wind and rain.  When friends visit, they are very impressed with how sturdy the raised beds and frame look.

When I have been on the Access Garden Products stand at the shows, I chat to lots of people who have started with one of those plastic zip up frames from their local garden centre.

They realise they can grow what they want then it gets destroyed by the wind sun and rain.  But the Access Garden Frames are a fantastic upgrade because they are made from top quality materials and will last for years.  And they look good.


  1. Glad to see your progress, I have finally got round to sorting my access frame, and planted out some onions. Spacing looks really close from the square foot book, but I’m going with it, and we’ll see. Just need some garlic now!

    • Glad to hear you have planted your onions. We will have to compare produce in the spring, as I planted mine a bit further apart. The spacing in the book did seem very close. But I guess he knows what he’s talking about.

      I hope your garlic comes soon!

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