Posted by: Anne | 17/10/2009

Filling the raised beds.

FilledbedsIt’s 8:10 am.  I’ve dug out the base of the beds to help the two soils to mix and to help with drainage.  As you know, the beds have been placed where it was previously lawn.  So the base is quite compacted.

I watched a programme recently and saw someone putting cardboard in the base of the bed.  It is supposed to help with weed control and to retain moisture.  So I’ve done this in the base that has the frame on top.

It looks like it’s starting to come together now.

I have called Marshall’s Seed Company to order what I want to put in.  They were really helpful and answered a couple of questions I had.  I felt quite confident when he said ‘lots of people are ordering that’.  Maybe it looks like I know what I’m doing – even if I don’t.

I got back from work and Mark had moved all four tons of soil.  There was way too much for what we needed.  He has put the rest on the main borders in the garden.

The raised beds look lovely.  The soil is light and fine but with a hint of clay.  Still not bought the soil testing kit…must do that.

I bought him some beer and his favourite peanuts as a thank you.  Is that enough?  He looked done in.

Note to self…. Next time you order four tons of top soil, ask some friends round with spades and make a party of it!

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