Posted by: Anne | 10/10/2009

Building the raised beds-well Mark actually!

BedMakingI set up the time lapse video.  It is a bright sunny morning which makes you feel better straight away doesn’t it?  I envisaged trying to tie an umbrella to the tripod holding the video.

This will show how much I delegate.  This was Mark’s day, with me making the occasional coffee and watching!  The Access raised beds did look easy to put together.  They just sit on the ground, you don’t have to fix them into place.  Once the soil is in they stay put.  We have thought about gravel around them, but its all extra expense and decided to leave it as grass.  Making sure we have left enough room for the mower to go through.

I did make Green Tomato chutney with tomatoes from a friend and apples from an overhanging tree from next door at the same time.

So I thought, even if you haven’t got any veg yourself this year, cadge from others or swap anything you do have with others and then grow it yourself next year.

I bought Mark a bottle of wine as a thank you for doing all the hard work today.  I have never seen him move as quick as he does in the video!

I have been reading about the PH balance of soil in the ‘Square Foot Gardening’ book by Mel Bartholomew.  I am following this book and will quote it some more I’m sure.

He said it’s a good idea to test the soil so you know what you’ve got, then you know which plants will be happy and which will die very quickly!  A good friend of mine has said that my garden is like a hospice for plants on occasions!  Maybe this is why?

Note to self – Get down to the garden centre quick!


  1. Im so pleased you are doing this! I bought a 4’x4′ frame, and I have 3 raised beds.; all of which have nothing in them cos I just dont know where to begin. What a waste, I hear you say. Is it too late/cold to start broad beans? I did try salad leaves in the frame but they havent really done anything.
    Good luck with your gardening I shall be an avid reader of the blog!

    • Hi Rosanne. You have made my day! If you have gone to the trouble of buying your fame and putting it up, I think you should try some beans for sure. They will be protected under the glass and you will be so pleased to see them come up and start growing. Give them a go and let me know. Look on Marshalls web site, follow the link from this blog. They also have autumn onions and garlic you can plant now too. We’ll do it together!

      Keep in touch and thank you for going to the trouble of writing a comment.

      Anne. x

  2. So… the video is up and I see Mark works extremely quickly! Reminder of warmer days too!

    • Great to see the video. I have never seen Mark move so fast! I love to see the sun going in and out and the trees waving about in the breeze. The long gap of no activity must have been lunch time. Will make him eat quicker next time!

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