Posted by: Anne | 03/10/2009

Making the Video

BarepatchMatthew from Access Garden Products called to say he wants to film the first part of the video. We hope to video my progress through the year – talk about being out of my comfort zone!  It felt very strange to be filmed.  Matthew texted me earlier to say he was bringing a script!  I said I’d put my fee up!  He followed a script and I didn’t.  Can you tell?  When someone says don’t look at the camera – it’s a bit like saying don’t think of a Christmas tree – you just did – didn’t you?

When Matthew mentioned my success and failures to come, my expression said it all.

So I guess people watching this will fall into two camps.  Come on Anne, you can do it. Or   This should be interesting, lettuce for Christmas dinner here we come.


  1. Dear Green Fingered Friend
    Hi Anne
    When will the video be available on the blog, or is it already there and I cant figure it out

    • We are just working on editing the videos, then we will put them on the blog.

    • At last, having purchased a new laptop and new software, the blog now has its first video!

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